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Oriente District --- Lisbon Portugal

Cable Car Ride or Teleferico in Portugese, provides an air trip over the Nations Park along the river Tagus. The Teleférico runs a full length of the site, parallel to the river, while giving a fascinating views along the way. The trip takes about 1000 meters long.

International Flags  which is composed of 142 countries

A very welcoming Giant Statue in front of the Teleferico

Back Side of the Vasco da Gama Shopping  Mall

Lisbon Stadium

Entrance of the Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall

Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall

Tivoli Hotel Lisbon on the left and Oriente   Station on the right.

The left photo is a giant steel structure in front of the international flags while the right photo is a photo taken inside the Vasco da Gama shopping Mall, the ground floor view.

Vasco da Gama Tower, a 140m-high at the Parque das Nações has panoramic views of the park, river, city and Vasco da Gama Bridge.The tallest building in Lisbon.

The Nations Park -this region of Lisbon hosted the world exhibition in 1998 (Expo 98), offers so much. Contrary to historical center, Parque das Nações attracts visitors with its 21st century modern architecture. (This photo was taken while aboard the cable car)

Lisbon Stadium and the In twin towers -they are apartments and offices buildings named after two of Vasco da Gama’s ships, São Gabriel and São Rafael.

Nations Park- The park was built with the general theme of "The oceans, a heritage for the future" and some 142 countries and international organizations participated. Today it offers a unique and exciting experience. It is an excellent area for walking and for enjoying quiet moments of true culture, leisure and entertainment.

Ocenario de Lisboa - The Oceanarium in Parque das Nações was designed by an  American architect Peter Chermayeff and is the largest in Europe.

Front view of the Oceanarium

Thousands of  animals and hundreds of plants make up the tanks of the Lisbon Oceanarium. It connects Lisbon to the ocean in a unique and fascinating way. Eight thousand animals and plants, from 500 different species and seven million litres of salt water, over the most impressive exhibits you have ever seen.

The Oceanário de Lisboa includes two buildings, connected by a bridge. Its  mission is to promote knowledge of the oceans, educating people  about the necessity of protecting the  natural resources.

Oceanario de Lisboa

A Garden Park Infront of the Oceanarium

A Garden Park Infront of the Oceanarium

One of the many Water Garden in Oriente District

Water Garden 1

Water Garden 2

Water Garden 3

Garcia de Orta Garden

Sport TV Building

Sport TV Building

Another Water Garden which i confused of a fountain

Water Garden

The Building Behind is the Interactive Science Museum

Tool for discovery  by the Portugese

Photo was taken outside the Science Museum

A Giant Globe outside the Science Museum

Im not Sure what is it--- but it's also found outside the Science Museum

Water Fountain Outside the Science Museum


                The right photo is a rocket representation and the left one are atoms representation

It say... Hiperbole de Fenda

Interactive Science Museum
Ghost Ride

Spider Man
Marvel Heroes Wall 1

Marvel Heroes Wall 2

Marvel Heroes Wall 3

Marvel Heroes Wall 4

If you're a fan of  Marvel Heroes like the Avengers this is a place that you must visit if you are visiting Portugal. It can be found in the Oriente district.


  1. The ship reminds me of the paper boats I made when I was a kid. Nice pics. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. That science museum looks interesting. The one after the globe is probably a representation of the moon.

  3. I guess the Water Garden and other structures are spectacular at night! :-)

  4. From all the photos that you've posted, I was definitely smitten by the Water Garden/s and the Marvel Heroes wall -- superb! :)

  5. I never imagined Portugal to be a center of modern art! Wanna go there, Oporto in particular.

  6. Vasco da Gama is everywhere!!! Magellan was Portuguese too but fell out of favor with their King so he went to Spain. And Marvel heroes!!! wow...maybe Stan Lee is Portuguese? Did you go to Fatima?

  7. Portugal! I've been reading a lot about Portugal lately, maybe telling me to visit it too.. hehe.. Well hope so and looking forward to it.. ;)

  8. I have always wanted to go to mainland Portugal. Have a lot of Portuguese friends.

  9. overwhelming views..very attractive and inviting for tourists...great photography as well! :)

  10. Hello there. Thanks for visiting my blog. I also love to travel and take pics. I haven't been to Lisbon, been close. I didn't expect to see so much modern architecture,thought it would be older. Great pics.


  11. Now this looks like a modern metropolis!
    I didn't know Lisbon can be this contrasting in photos

  12. great architectural works. can i also have one of those paper like boat things (lol)... wow, thats a lot of marvel superheroes, just curious if they're all there. Yahweh bless.

  13. Lisbon, Portugal is a very nice place to visit. The buildings are architectural amazing, the engineering concepts are superb. If I were to visit this place, I would prefer to visit the science museum.

  14. this is a nice post on Lisbon, Portugal and one of the few write ups from Pinoys. It is making me curious and convincing me that Portugal should be in my list of places I should visit!!thanks for sharing the post!

  15. I like the way their paint their wall (Marvel Heroes) plus your pictures were pleasing to the eyes as well. I wish I could go there and take my own pictures. ^_^

  16. Hello Eigroj.
    I wish travel around the world wasn't so expensive, then perhaps we might all get a chance to see such wonders. These are amazing. I especially like the water gardens. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for linking up to Blog Hop Saturday! I plan to have a hop every first Saturday of the month, so the next one will be on June 2nd. To allow for friends from afar, the Linky will open at 8:00pm EST on Fri 1st June - 11.59pm Sat 2nd June. Hope you can join us again!

  17. Hi Eigroj...first of all I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. And thanks for taking on this wonderful tour. Loved this place and the pictures.

  18. You have good photos here and
    I am able to see some places in Portugal.
    Thanks for taking us for a brief tour.


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