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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hamburg Harbour

Speicherstadt – the world’s most extensive continuous warehouse complex and is now a very expensive business district.


Seagulls home

Seagulls home

Rickmer Rickmers

Cabo San Diego freight ship

Old Elbtunnel leading under the Elbe River

The head part of the Rickmer Rickmers ship

This boat transport people from one end of the harbor to the other end where the Opera House is located.

Hotel Hafen located in front of  the harbor

Landungsbrücken (landing stages)

Landungsbrücken (landing stages)

Brucke 4 (Pier 4)

The famous Harbor of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany, and the second-largest port in Europe after Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The deep, wide waters of the Elbe have allowed the city a location that is unusually far inland. This makes it ideal for delivering goods deep into the heart of the country, and made the city the second busiest port in Europe. It's not only warehousing, industrial and logistic center but also a backdrop for modern culture and the ports history. About it's history there are various museum ships; musical theaters, bars, restaurants and hotels - and even a floating boat church. It covers an area of more than 7,200 hectares, and it was founded on May 7, 1189. Hamburg celebrates this date with the "Hafengeburtstag", a big funfair. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Me -- Exploring Hamburg Germany

Hamburg is both a city and a state thus both the government and the parliament are made in the Town Hall or in German the Rathaus. Hamburg is one of the most beautiful, busy and lively city in Germany. It is as well the second largest city in Germany with a population of 1.8 million people. Hamburg is young, modern, friendly and open to the world. People who have visited Hamburg are enthusiastic about the city, like me and my partner we spent majority of our time winding our way to every districts.

Hamburg has several districts and each of these were distinct from one another.

Altstadt District (Old Town)- the heart of the city and home of the oldest buildings of the city, religious architecture, shoppings malls, Rathausmarket, Alsterarkaden- full of indoor shopping arcades and the  Rathaus (City Hall). The lake streets it is composed of Mönckebergstrasse, Steinstrasse and Jungernstieg.

Altstadt Photos:

The Rathaus (City Hall) -  It was inaguarated  in 1897 and has 647 rooms exactly 3 more than British Buckingham Palace. Above the main port is a writting in Latin: "The descendants shall aim to maintain the freedom which was achieved by the ancestors with dignity."

Left side of the Rathausmarkt

Rathausmarkt towards St Petri church.

The Rathaus  and the  Memorials for soldiers who were killed during the 1st World War. It has an incription that says '' Forty thousand sons of this town let their lives for you''


The stairs is a very good place to unwind and relax while looking at the Klein Alsters.

 Altstadt and Neustadt are opposite each other, only they are divided by a canal.  In the Alsterarkaden, can be found the  white archades famous for indoor shopping.

If you dont want to explore the city by walking , then you can rent one this transporation and you will have both a driver and a tour guide at the same time.

The carvings above is the  motto of the Hanseatic Town: '' Libertatem quam peperere maiores digne studeat servare posteritas

The Rathausmarkt - the white arches (building behind me ) at a canal is called Alsterarkaden, it is full of indoor shopping arcades.

Photo was taken in Jungfernstieg this is the shopping street of Hamburg. From big to small shops, famous international brands to local they are all here outperforming against each other with there offers.  Furthermore,  the popular "Alsterhaus" and traditional houses like the "Streit's"-cinema where i watched '' The Avengers Movie'' are  also located in this street. Way back, families  walked here on Sundays and took out their unmarried daughters but things has change and now this street is totally different.

@ Jungfernstieg Street

@Jungfernstieg Street

@ Jungfernstieg Street

Jungfernstieg Street

Jungfernstieg Street

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