Friday, August 10, 2012

Hamburg Harbour

Speicherstadt – the world’s most extensive continuous warehouse complex and is now a very expensive business district.


Seagulls home

Seagulls home

Rickmer Rickmers

Cabo San Diego freight ship

Old Elbtunnel leading under the Elbe River

The head part of the Rickmer Rickmers ship

This boat transport people from one end of the harbor to the other end where the Opera House is located.

Hotel Hafen located in front of  the harbor

Landungsbrücken (landing stages)

Landungsbrücken (landing stages)

Brucke 4 (Pier 4)

The famous Harbor of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany, and the second-largest port in Europe after Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The deep, wide waters of the Elbe have allowed the city a location that is unusually far inland. This makes it ideal for delivering goods deep into the heart of the country, and made the city the second busiest port in Europe. It's not only warehousing, industrial and logistic center but also a backdrop for modern culture and the ports history. About it's history there are various museum ships; musical theaters, bars, restaurants and hotels - and even a floating boat church. It covers an area of more than 7,200 hectares, and it was founded on May 7, 1189. Hamburg celebrates this date with the "Hafengeburtstag", a big funfair. 

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