Friday, March 16, 2012

Norway Inside My Lense

See the beauty of Norway through my captures. All of these photos were taken while driving from the countryside of Norway to Oslo. It's kind of an action photography but in a reverse way, instead of having a moving subjects my subjects were still and I am the one moving.

Amazing how white Norway was during winter. Every single landscape that i saw was covered with snow. Yeah,,,, and i called it,, ** The White Country** heheheh...

Hope you will enjoy my photography!!!!

The city of Oslo- photo taken while driving in the motorway

Outskirts of Oslo

Outskirts of Oslo

One of the many street tunnels in Norway

The outskirts of Oslo

Frozen Snow- Norway Motorway

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ski Vacation in Lindvallen

My body was in pain and i felt so tired during the whole trip just to get to Lindvallen Ski Resort. I even said to myself that when we arrived i just wanna doze off and lazy around. But, that changes in a snap when i saw the views, the ski area the huge indoor pool, cinema, bowling area, etc. my gosh!  ooh yeahhh my gosh! they seems have it all, so much to choose from. Suddenly i felt so excited and awake heheheh... so i went to rent for a ski gear and excitedly tried skiing which i thought was easy. Well, seems like it was, looking to people doing it especially kids ages 2 and above who even have pacifier in the mouth while skiing. Anyhow, going back to my first try, yeah you read it right for the record that was my first time, so it ended up a disaster i rolled countless times... to the point that i almost wanted to give up, but i didn't, instead i enrolled myself to a one on one ski class which turns out to be very useful and helpful especially for a beginners like me. I learned a lot of techniques and rules. To sum it up, my ski vacation was a fun experienced and would definitely do it again...tssk tssk ^^__^^

Facts about Lindvallen Ski Resort:

The Swedish ski resort of Lindvallen is part of the Sälen ski area with access to 145km of downhill skiing, with 86 individual pistes, served by 100 ski lifts. In addition to the skiing in Lindvallen itself (42km of pisted ski runs), the appropriate ski Lift Pass will allow you to ski or snowboard in the other Sälen ski resort of Kläppen.

Ski Lift Capacity :- The 42 Ski Lifts of Lindvallen are able to uplift 42,400 skiers / snowboarders per hour.
Skiing in Lindvallen - offers good skiing, particularly, for Beginner skiers.Snowboarding in Lindvallen - offers some good boarding and there is a Snow Park.

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