Thursday, August 18, 2011


 A day in Verona Italy, during our Venice vacation we decided to explore the nearby city of Verona, it's an hour plus away by train from Venice. Verona is famous for its Arena, and of course the house of  Juliet. We've been all over the place for a day and i must say a day is more than enough to see everything in Verona.  So as we  go along and explore the city i also took a lot of pictures.  Try to see below some of it. I will blog separately the Arena and the House of  Juliet coz  i also took enormous amount of pics from it.

Enjoy the photos guys!

A beautiful structure just opposite the Arena

A Cathedral opposite the train station

Italian Bus

A huge square outside the Arena

Mini Tour Train

Gladiator Street artists just outside the Arena. *A coin for a pic*

Italian Gelato--- yummy!

Intrance of  Verona's Walking Streets

I want a Pistachoi gelato!!


  1. I am loving these images it is making the year long wait even longer lolol. The gelato how I miss that . Thanks for this great blog!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog again Jim and for leaving a comment. Yah, you should include Verona on your Italian trip next year, it's very near to Venice and a lot of spots to see there as well.

  3. What a very pretty place! And I'm with Jim...I love gelato, although I haven't been to Italy and tried it...I hear it's unbelievably good!

    Thanks for the great pics...I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of Verona. :)

  4. thehappinessgroup--- i must say Italy has the best gelato and its very cheap.

  5. I have not been to Verona, so it was nice to see your photos. I like the patterns on the yellow ceiling in the gelato shop.


  6. Thanks for leaving a comment Kaplan... yah he store was uniquely designed.. you should try visit verona one day its worth visiting..


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