Friday, January 28, 2011

Action Photography

This is a picture of a speeding  train  one of the main transportation that goes around the city of Amsterdam. it took me several attempts  before i could get the picture that i must say satisfy my eyes and what i really wanted. Here in this picture, i used a combination of flash with a long shutter speed that's why it creates an image that is sharp and blurred at the same time.The flash creates the sharp image while the long shutter speed creates the blurred. Any representation of movement  in a picture has an interpretation, because we can show an actual movement in a ´photograph.

There are 3 basic ways of interpreting action in a still photo.

  • Stopping the action.The most common way of dealing with action photographically is to freeze it. In this method  pictures are always sharp.
  • Blurred it. A different way of dealing with action or movement is not to stop it all, but to let it blur into moving strands of color and form. Motion blur gives a  feeling  of movement and speed which a stop photo doesn't have.
  •  A combination of both which is shown in my photo above. In the picture you can see both sharp and blur.


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