Monday, January 10, 2011

My Camera Evolution

Like most people, whenever they travel they always bring their camera with them, so they can take pictures of places they've been to, some print  and album it, so they have something to glance every now and then and reminds them of memories in the places they've been. Like most people , I tend to do the same, whenever I get a chance to visit new places I always bring my camera with me, that's how it started my passion for taking photos. Way back I used the old way of photography using the old type of camera where I have to buy batteries every time they run out  put a film on it so it will function and then  bring it to the copy center for picture print out. But I love doing it coz I  know in the end I could see the product of  my work. Then came after a digital camera, I first got my touch screen digital camera from Sony and it was stolen but I  made used of it in some of my travels and events that I attended. On my birthday last year I got a new T-Series camera again from Sony its like a replacement of what I've lost. It's a cool type of camera and has high mega pixel, very easy and convenient to operate and very handy. Its perfect for traveling! And just recently Santa was very kind to me, I received a professional camera from canon which has everything on it all i need to do is used it...take take  take a lot of  pictures. So now, as often as I can I will make use of this gift and try to dig deep more on my photography hobby.

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  1. HI! Great blog you have. Love the pictures. You are very talented. Thanks for reading my blog: I will be stopping by your blog often. Keep up the good work!


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