Monday, January 3, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Camera Brand

I am an amateur hobbyist who loves taking pictures, it started from taking mobile pictures to getting a digital camera and now having a dslr camera. As a photo hobbyist i have tried using several camera brands which i could tell that each brands has huge differences from one another in a lot of aspects. So, if your having trouble getting which brand of camera you would like to buy in the future, maybe my top 5 personal favorites can help you.

1. Leica Camera – I love this German brand of camera. They have wide range of products from digi-cam, professional and a lot of accessories if you love improving  your camera all the time. My personal favorite is the Leica V-Lux 2.The super-zoom compact for travel and nature photography : the Leica V-Lux 2 is the perfect camera for adventurers, globetrotters and nature-lovers who want to discover more of the world.

2.Canon – “Is the leader in digital imaging products, developed to enrich communication, simplify complex task and help you reach your creative goals. ” I love canon because it is widely available and it has huge varieties of products, ranging from digital cameras, digital cam coder, printers,  dslr cameras etc. As an amateur hobbyist in photography i will personally recommend canon for a start. I got my first dslr camera from canon which i must say its easy to used and takes good quality pictures. Its pretty cool camera  and you can always upgrade in the future. My personal favorite and the one I'm using now is the Canon EOS 1000D.

3. Nikon – My 3rd favorite brand of camera. Nikon is a Japanese brand of camera, it is also world widely available and one of the oldest brand of camera. Japan is known for perfection and quality, so does Nikon. They have wide range of products from  Digital/Film Cameras, Lenses and other accessories, Binoculars, Telescopes and other related products. Find a wide range of product, support, exhibition, and other variable information on IC/LCD steppers and scanners. Look at the variety of product, support, exhibition, and other variable information on Microscopes, Measuring Instruments and other related products. My personal favorite from Nikon dslr camera is the Nikon 7000D, i haven't tried this yet but i’ve read so much nice reviews about this product.

4. Sony – My 4rth favorite brand  is Sony. My first digital camera is from Sony, its the T-Series camera.”Always ready for action”. Sony is one of the largest company in the world which has their main headquarter in Japan. They are known for wide range of products. Sony digital cameras specially the T-series are widely used by teenagers alike. My personal favorite from Sony camera is the DCS – T77 which i have now.

5. Pentax – “The ultimate imaging tool, designed for truthful reproduction of every element.” My 5th personal favorite. Pentax is another Japan based company and has world wide headquarters. It is known for a wide range of products too and cameras. My personal favorite from their camera products is the Pentax 645D. It has 40 mega pixel medium format CCD ,7264×5440 pixels ,weather sealed, isn’t that super cool?

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  1. Wauw, you seem to know what you're talking about. Thanks for the tips, if I ever buy a high spec camera you're the girl to talk to first!


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