Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photography Focus

Know your Subject! As a starter, it is important that you know your subject or your focus. There are numerous subjects to choose from, just see to it that you choose the one you're comfortable of taking. Subjects could either be beaches, human, animals, flowers, insects, cars, buildings etc.

Like for instance beach photography, it is one of the most popular type. Most people consider beach photography  simply because the beauty of the beach can enhance almost any photography or situation, though its difficult but if you master it then it will be awesome. For beach photography its best to take pictures during early morning hours or later evening hours, either after sunrise and before sunset.

Another subject could be animals. I have seen a lot of pictures that focuses on animals and they all look amazing. Having animals as a subject in your photography could be very challenging and it requires lots of tolerance, good understanding of animal's behavior.

Flowers can also be a very good subject and I must say the easiest simply because flowers are pretty and can be found everywhere, but if you want you can make flowers photography more challenging  you need to go beyond the usual pretty picture and create something special that's where the difficulty arises. So flower photography can be both easy and difficult.

Taking human portrait is a mind baffling specially if your paired with an uncooperative or camera shy subject. Most of us will think that its easy to take human portrait but its not. To have beautiful, natural, genuine portraits that make our hearts sing, end up framed on our walls need quite more practice and techniques. One of the most common technique is to always give your subject something to hold or anything that can distract him or her to curb their camera anxiety.

So ´therefor knowing you focus is a good start for a best photography in the future!

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