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The Temple of Poseidon, this is one of the many places we've visited in Greece. The temple which is  at Cape Sounion was one of the most important sanctuaries in the Attica. As we go away from the suburbs of Athens we pass  towns and settlements mostly in harbors and beaches. Greece has the bluewish sea water its very clear and clean. You can see it on my photos. Going to Sounion is not difficult and expensive. They have busses, tour busses and taxis operating from Athens to Sounion.


The "sanctuary of Sounion" is first mentioned in the Odyssey, as the place where Menelaus stopped during his return from Troy to bury his helmsman, Phrontes Onetorides. Archaeological evidence has shown that there were two organized places of worship on the cape by the 7th century BC: a sanctuary of Poseidon at the southern edge and a sanctuary of Athena about 500 m to the northeast.
Construction on a grand Temple of Poseidon began around 500 BC but was never completed; the temple and all the votive offerings were destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC. The Temple of Poseidon that now stands at Soúnio was built in 444 BC atop the older temple ruins. The Temple of Athena was also built at this time, atop her ancient sanctuary on the cape. The sanctuaries began to decline from the 1st century BC onwards. Pausanias, who sailed along the coast around 150 AD, wrongly believed the prominent temple on the hill was the Temple of Athena. Modern travellers visited Sounion long before excavations started on the site, including Lord Byron in 1810. Systematic excavations began on the site in 1897 and continue today.


Names:Temple of Poseidon at Soúnio; Sanctuary of Poseidon at Soúnio
Location:Soúnio, Attica, Greece
Faith:Ancient Greek
Category:Greek Temples
Date:444 BC
Size:Temple floor area: 13.47 x 31.12 m

Photo was taken from the bottom of the hill.

Back view of the Temple of Poseidon.

Right Side View 

From Far Down

The way up to the Temple.

Front View of the Temple

 Photos below are the beautiful views surrounding the Temple of Poseidon.


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