Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tool Ships

Tool ships is an event where sailboats and its crew docks in a specific harbor and welcomes visitors to see and visit all the boats participants.  Some offers coffee and beers. During this event we can see sailboats of all sizes and ages. Being able to witnessed such beautiful sailboats was an amazing experienced.
 Sharing some of the photos below... Enjoy!

Sail boats from  Amsterdam

According to the tool ships event that I've been to, Russia holds the oldest sailboat in the world.
See below photos for a closer views of the oldest sailboat.



  1. I love ships! Great photos Eigroj...

  2. Nice pics Eigroj, I've done a bit of sailing but on nothing as big as those ships!!!

  3. thanks mike... yeah those ships were enormous in sizes and pretty amazing!

  4. Sorry it took me a long long while before visiting you again. I was looking for you in Jim's page. Anyways, it was in John's that I saw your name.

    It's very cool that you got to visit Amsterdam. I'm really not fond of riding ships...I've never actually been into one. I just admire them from afar, the way I'm doing now.

    Clear shots...


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