Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ANCIENT AGORA- Athens Greece

Ancient Agora or a Market place is a political and administrative center of ancient Athens as well as the place where social, commercial and religious activities concentrated. The site was occupied without interruption in all periods of the city's history. It was used as a residential and burial area as early as the Late Neolithic period (3000 BCE). Early in the 6th century BCE, in the time of Solon, the Agora became a public area. After a series of repairs and remodeling, it reached its final rectangular form in the 2nd century BCE.It is located in the northwest of the Acropolis.

Intrance Gate of the Ancient Agora

The only standing Byzantine monument in the Agora is the Church of the Holy Apostles (XI century)

Church of the Holy Apostles (Front View)

Cult Statue

Cult Statue Engraving

Ancient Agora Museum

The Stoa of Attalus II, now used as a museum

Two stories supporting on columns of the Stoa: all are Ionic except for those on the outer side of the ground floor which were Doric.

 Colonnade view inside the Stoa of Attalus II.

The Odeion of Agrippa

A colossal figure of a Triton (half god, half fish) once adorned the facade of the Odeion of Agrippa.

The statue of Hadrian. Hadrian was Emperor of Rome from 117-138 CE

On top of the hill inside the Ancient Agora can be found the Hephaestus.The temple, standing on the Colonus Agoraeus hill, dominates the site of the ancient Agora. It was dedicated to two gods, Hephaestus and Athena Ergane, whose bronze cult statues stood in the interior. Both divinities were worshipped as patrons of the arts and trades.


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  4. I have walked on Hadrian's Wall in Scotland...it brought back memories seeing his statue...beautiful photography...I love the history of Athens and your dialogue with the photos's...how great to walk through time in the comfort of your own home with this post...and yes, would be nice to see it in person...Thank you for sharing...


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