Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Welcome to Piraeus City

On board the tour bus to Piraeus


Kariskkis Stadium

Piraeus City

Piraeus City 1

The Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

Piraeus City 2

Overlooking the Olympiacos and Piraeus Harbor

Zea Marina

Piraeus Seaside 1

Piraeus Seaside 1

Piraeus Seaside 3

Cafe View overlooking the seaside

Piraeus Outdoor Pool


Piraeus is a city next to Athens, it is where the the biggest port in Greece is located, the  largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. Piraeus port is the chief exit point from the city by sea for destinations amongst the Aegean Islands and elsewhere in the east Mediterranean. Domestic destinations include all of the Aegean islands. Piraeus, a name which roughly means 'the place over the passage'. Piraeus, is a deserted small town, quickly became the leading port and the second largest city in Greee, while its prime geographical location and closeness to the Greek capital helped it continually to grow, attracting people from across the country.

Stadiums and Arenas located in Piraeus:

1. Olympiacos
2. Karaiskakis Stadium
3.Helleniko Staduim

Thing you can do while you're visiting Piraeus:
1. Take a ferry to the Greek Islands.
2. Have a nice walk in the harbour and enjoy the yachts and ships view.
3. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, 31 Ch. Trikoupi Street.
4. Enjoy swimming or tanning at Piraeus Seaside.
5. Discover Piraeus Cuisines.
6. Explore the liberated Piraeus night life.


  1. Great pictures, and those places look quite nice.

  2. Thanks Miss Lego, indeed it was a nice place with so much historical value... im just glad i made it there before the chaos worsen...

  3. Nice place and great shots...Greece,It's one of the best place in the world to visit and it's in my list too.I think you missed M in "Stadius and Arenas located in Piraeus"...Thanks for sharing the facts. :D


  4. like a mini-cyber vacation! thank you for sharing -- would love to travel to greece someday!!

  5. Abhisek.... i didnt get a chance to visit stadiums and arenas up close coz the hop---in hop out tour bus dont stop on those places... but your right... its such a nice country to visit...

  6. Thanks Dangearous Linda for the comment... you should visit greece one day... when things get better back there...


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